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The Solo Project!

Dear All!

It has been a busy few months for gigs having travelled the length and breadth of the country. I always have a lot of fun performing with various bands on the circuit and have picked up tips and advice from seasoned jazz musicians who have worked the scene for many years.

Aside from the band work, one area which I think all us musicians (especially pianists) find rewarding is the solo work. With the absence of a band, recording solo is akin to tightrope walking. Its a very different discipline to band work and presents particular challenges. At the same time, the material that I develop on this album is easily adaptable for a trio in the future.

So the good news is I have booked a fabulous studio in Fulbeck which is the creation of Spencer Cozens, a fine keys player and writer himself. My choice of studio revolves mainly the stunning Steinway grand and superb sound and recording! The not so good news is that I'm booked in for July and time has raced ahead, so I've got much work to do, for a complete album of solo music is certainly a tall order!

So for the material for this album. I have taken my inspiration from the jazz piano greats (such as Art Tatum, hence the transcription of Humoresque above). I have been working hard at imitating these artists, so as absorb ideas, licks and techniques. The intended market or audience is very much at the centre of the musical outlook of this project. For this reason the material will be tuneful and largely familiar to you consisting of regular jazz standards, mixed with some arrangements from the pop/classical repertoire.

I intend to be keeping you updated on things and you'll have a chance to give feedback on the elements of the project such as repertoire. Also you'll have an opportunity to pre-order your CD which will be £10 each including postage and packaging.


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